Italian travel? Great shots of food? Photography is a large part of The Perfectly Flawed Family.  A really large part 🙂 We often like to say in our family, “life is a photo shoot!”

italian travel


Well…to be honest, it’s usually Michael, Gavin and Addy saying that, because it’s Tanya that’s actually taking the pictures.

All throughout the Perfectly Flawed Family website and our journey together, you will see Tanya’s photography from around the world as part of our story.  Having been a photographer her whole life, Tanya’s work now focuses mostly on Italian travel, food and pet photography. Plus sharing stories, and the photography that accompanies these stories, that have shaped our time together as a family.

“Photography for me is a story. A story of memories created and moments I never want to forget. I love getting lost behind my camera!”

Italian travel

Stunning images adorn these pages from our travel as a family…and not just Italian.  Our time in Colorado, Norway, Ireland, Costa Rica and all around America are here now with more photos coming in all the time.

Thank you for checking out Tanya’s work available at our Etsy Store.

Make sure to follow Tanya on Instagram as she is always posting the moments that tell the story of The Perfectly Flawed Family 🙂