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We are the Perfectly Flawed Family – an unschooling family learning through life, travel and new experiences.  

In our world, you will find support for families breaking away from the traditional norms of schooling, work and life.  We share true stories of how we are raising our kids, as well as travel bites and tips for seeing the world with your kids. Plus, photography showcasing some of the world’s most breath-taking places as well as the simple beauty found everywhere.  

Explore and wander through our site and be sure to share with us who you are so we can enjoy this journey together.

We are the Perfectly Flawed Family…thanks for stopping by.


The family.

Perfectly Flawed Family in Asheville, NC



Mother. Pictorial Storyteller. Cat Lady. Lover of Travel, Mother Earth & Food. Aquarius.Tanya Sharkey, Perfectly Flawed Woman in Machu Picchu Tanya Sharkey, Perfectly Flawed Woman in Bari, Italy



Father. Zen. Talent Coach.  Good Listener. Friend. Libra.Michael Sharkey, Talent Coach, Tuscany, Italy Michael Sharkey, Talent Coach, Speaker



Son. Sensitive. Serious. Gamer. Techie. Lover of Dr. Who & British Culture. Cat Lover. Gemini.Gavin Sharkey Gavin Sharkey in Italy



Daughter. Butterfly. Carefree. Free Spirit. Loves to Create. Baker. Friend. Cancer.Adelaide Sharkey in Machu Picchu Adelaide Sharkey in Venice, Italy

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